My Wife Starves Me of Food, Rest, S*x!

Dear Kemi

I am 46, legally married to a
woman who does not serve me food, or allow me have sex with her and she would
always curse me. She fights with me and tears me clothes. She even said that her
love for me is dead! Now, I am starved of both food and sex. Lately, she gave
me three options—I send her back to her parents, divorce her or impregnate
another woman. What do you think is the best options?



First, you have to be patient. Moreover, don’t you
think you should report her to the parents? Are they aware of what she has been
doing? By the time you tell them everything, they will talk to her and there
will be a change. I am sure you will want to know what happens if she does not
change. Let’s wait till then.

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